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Two players are each owners of fine botanical gardens and wish to create the best cactus displays. When a new shipment of cacti come into the city’s flower markets, they both must race to gather the best samples and then find the most elegant way to display these plants in their gardens. Unfortunately, budget cuts in the Parks Department mean they must travel around the flower markets in the same car!

Verdant Arizona is a game for 2 players. It uses a highly interactive drafting mechanic while offering a fun and tricky puzzle. The player who best negotiates these two elements will have the most appealing display and will win the game.


Verdant Arizona Print and Play 4.pdf 10 MB

Install instructions

Print pages 6-9, single sided, preferably on card. Then cut out the 40 cards on these pages.

If you are using letter-size paper, you should select "scale to fit" when printing.

You will need to provide a car token - a wooden meeple or a monopoly piece will do.

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