This is the digital version of the single-player tabletop game, Ada Lovelace: Consulting Mathematician.

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TagsBoard Game, Dice, Math, Singleplayer, Tabletop, Tetris

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So, Ada became a criminal :(   (Still, very good game, thanks :))

This is AWESOME. Thank you!
When playing, I clicked the roll dice button too many times and missed a placement. Just to see what would happen, I kept clicking it, and it drove me all the way to the end of the game. 

Can you make it so it won't proceed(or asks for approval) if you haven't placed your piece yet? 


Haha! Well, I'd better fix that!

Thank you! I really love Ada Lovelace game, and happy to see the online version :) I have never won the campaign or beat 80 points in this version, but it is fun to play anyway :)

I seem to have managed to confuse it, by changing my mind - after collecting and then unlocking some evidence, I clicked on it to use it, then wanted to use a normal shape instead - but I can't select one. (doesnt go red when selected), now nothing is actionable apart from the "Roll Two Dice (one unused die)" button, and that doesn't do anything useful.

In fact it errors in code: paint.classList.remove("unconfirmed-shape"); fails because paint is null 

Thanks - I'll try and figure that one out. :)

I broke it too. Used a wild shape, then all the shapes were still outlined in blue, prompting me to place another. Tried to place one and then cancel, and that seemed to clear it up, but then I clicked on an unused die and it locked up but good.

It seems to be stemming from the Cancel button and not every time. I've not yet seen it lock the game up - clicking the other dice or another shape usually cleans it up. I'll figure it out...

Thank you for developing this game :) The online version does not work yet, I can not place the selected piece on the board.


The game works but the placement of the pieces is not obvious.  You do not drag the pieces to the board.  You first need to orient the piece correctly (i.e. flip and rotate).  Next click on the board where you want to place the square with the circle.  If the piece would fit, it will show up on the board in orange.  You then push the confirm button and it locks in place.

Oh, thanks, this works.

Thanks, this was my prob too.