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Emergency sirens blare throughout the starship and you race to the escape pods. Take a moment to fully activate the escape systems and you stand a much better chance of survival. Of course, the Navigation Matrix is vital, but so is the USB Phone Charger — you wouldn’t want to be floating in space without access to your games!

In this roll and write game, players are interfacing with an escape pod terminal. Over twelve turns, they will use dice to put numbers into the Navigation Matrix and power up the Phone Charger. At the end of the game, the player who has most efficiently completed these tasks is the winner.

Install instructions

Download the PDF files.

TerminalDispute1-8.pdf is the main game. Page 1 contains full instructions on how to assemble the game.

PlayExample_v2.pdf offers an example of gameplay.


TerminalDispute1-8.pdf 1 MB
PlayExample_v2.pdf 404 kB

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