A 2-player trick-taking game about weird museums!
Card Game
Online implementation of the roll-and-write game.
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A new game played with a LetterPress deck
Card Game
High stakes hidden movement! A game for 2 players.
A dice/poker puzzle.
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A narrative-deduction game.
An Ada Lovelace: Consulting Mathematician Legacy Game
Step onto the island of Luzon in this tabletop game for budding rail entrepreneurs.
An "Ada Lovelace: Consulting Mathematician" Christmas Special
Logic puzzles for nimble minds
A high-school horror, streamlined one-shot RPG.
An analogue game for 2 puzzle-loving players
Card Game
A micro-game of bidding, bluffing, and deception.
A solitaire roll-and-write game.
A printable roll and write game.
A spooky drawing game.
A one-shot role playing game system.
"The Martian Investigations: Death on the Rust Planet" - A Narrative-Deduction Game
A printable 3-card nanogame.